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Heavy Duty Mats & Access Matting by DuraDeck

Durable & Strong Molded Plastic Mats For Heavy Moving Weights

DuraDeck mats are designed to flex – so they will not crack or break under pressure.

DuraDeck is a unique molded plastic mat that is durable, lightweight, and extremely strong. Sections are engineered to provide ground protection and access over soft surfaces and will provide a firm support base and traction for numerous activities. DuraDeck sections can be carried by 1-2 persons and positioned easily as required on a job site. No tools are required for installation or removal.

Durable Plastic Construction

DuraDeck mats last longer and are more rugged than plywood

Each 86 lb DuraDeck sheet is molded using a specially formulated high density polyethylene (HDPE) that makes the product extraordinarily strong, chemical and weather resistant, and able to withstand the rigors of industrial use. UV inhibitors are added, allowing DuraDeck to be used indoors and outdoors without the risk of fading or degradation. Sections are rigid, yet have some flex, allowing sections to withstand heavy moving weights without cracking or breaking.

Convenient Size

DuraDeck mats are designed to withstand extreme pressures without cracking or breaking.

Standard DuraDeck ground protection mats are 4ft long x 8ft wide (other sizes are available) and are ½” thick at the center, with added tread patterns for greater traction and slip resistance. Up to 500 sheets can be transported on a standard tractor trailer or ocean shipping container and sections will fit inside the bay of most pick-up trucks. Pallets of DuraDeck can be double and triple stacked as needed.

A single 8ft wide section can accommodate pick-up trucks, backhoes, ditch diggers, and other smaller vehicles. By positioning 2- 4ft x 8ft sections side by side, a 16ft wide road, suitable for heavy truck traffic, can be created. Of course, sections can be added as needed to form two way roadways (3 sections = 24 ft) or large work and activity pads of unlimited size.

Available in Different Colours

Depending on the application, DuraDeck ground protection and access mats may be ordered in both Black and White (custom colours are available for larger orders). For grass protection in warm weather environments White mats will prevent the browning and overheating of the grass below.

Convenient Connection System

Each ground protection and traction mat has connection holes at each corner and in the middle of the 8ft side, allowing mats to be connected side by side or at 90 degree angles to each other. DuraDeck sheets may be connected using 2-way or 4-way metal connectors or our easy to use plastic connectors. Our DuraLink metal connectors are capable of handling heavy vehicle traffic as well as the significant torque from forklift turns and quick stops. The lighter weight PlastiLink connectors offer easier installation and may be used for lighter weight applications. Of course, DuraDeck may be used without any connectors on most temporary projects and may be placed adjacent to one another for quick installation.

Handles Heavy Weights

Depending on the ground surface and the density of the subsurface, DuraDeck can be used to provide access for vehicles and equipment weighing up to 80 tons. The system has been tested by the Army Corp of Engineers Soft Soil Testing Laboratory. A full-scale test section of our matting was installed over a sand sub-grade and trafficked with a fully loaded 7-ton military truck. The DuraDeck traction and access mats were subject to 2,000 truck passes.

Out-perfoms wood and other systems

Unlike plywood DuraDeck will not warp, rot, crack, or delaminate and there are no unsafe chemicals, such as arsenic, which exists in some treated plywood. Our panels meets all local requirements limiting the use of arsenic treated plywood on construction sites and for roadway and access use. By using DuraDeck panels in place of wood, you are not only saving money, but helping prevent contamination to the environment and your job site.

Recycled Plastic

All DuraDeck ground protection and access products are manufactured using primarily recycled plastic material and as such do their part in helping the environment. DuraDeck Panels qualify for preference under Federal, State, and Local Government purchasing guidelines, offering preference to products with recycled content, as their recycled content exceeds 90%.

Available for Rental

We always recommend purchasing DuraDeck panels as mats are nearly indestructible and last for many years. For one time projects, that are limited in duration and scope, we offer nationwide DuraDeck rentals at reasonable weekly and monthly rates. We arrange for shipping to and from your work site and can even supervise and provide labor for the installation and removal of sections. Visit our rentals section for more information on DuraDeck rentals.

DuraDeck 2 – Access Matting & Working Platforms

DD2 – Ideal for parking areas, construction site work pads, accessways, and more

DD2 is suitable for applications where pedestrians can be found yet where a rugged tread design is or may at one point be desired. Each DD2 consists of a pedestrian friendly, non-slip tread design on one side and our standard rugged traction design on the other. Sections are reversible and can be used with either side face up. When facing up, the pedestrian friendly surface still offers traction for vehicles and equipment, while the rugged down-facing side provides additional mat tract ion to the ground, preventing mat slippage or “spin out”.

Use DD2 for parking areas, construction site walkways, concerts, and other uses where people are expected to walk on the DuraDeck regularly.

The DD2 pedestrian friendly surface is also perfect for protection of concrete, asphalt, stone or aggregate surfaces, where the rugged pattern may be too aggressive and could potentially cause damage. The pedestrian friendly design may be placed face down on such surfaces to provide protection.

Standard DD2 mats are 4ft x 8ft long (other sizes available). Sections are ½” thick at the core, not including tread pattern height. DD2 contains 4 connection holes, one at each corner, and 4 additional connection holes (2 each at the center of the 8ft side). These allow panels to be connected in either direction and to be rotated at 90 degree angles as required.

Custom sizes, colours and logos are available with minimum quantities. Contact us at

Use our DuraLink or PlastiLink connectors with DD2 panels to create contiguous and connected runs of material for roadways or work pads. You can store DD2 on your own pallets or on our specialized metal pallets.

SIZE:                              WEIGHT:

4’x8′ (1.22m x 2.44m)    86lbs (39.01Kg)
2’x8′ (0.609m x 2.44m)  43lbs (19.5Kg)


Black or White (custom colours available with minimum quantities)


Rugged / Rugged