Turf & Grass Flooring

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EventDeck is the perfect affordable choice for protection of turf and grass, where the requirements for traffic is limited to human traffic, wheeled carts, kiosks etc.

The mobile floor is particularly suitable for protection of large flat surfaces, where the costs need to be kept low.

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UltraDeck is a more robust mobile floor, with a weight tolerance capability that allows you to use most vehicles under B1 license, trucks with rubber wheels and small lifts.

UltraDeck has a unique modular expansion system that allows material to expand or contract in different weather conditions without the surface properties deteriorating. We always recommend using our entry ramp modules in conjunction with these flooring modules.

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ArmorDeck is the strongest mobile fooring system on the market. The strong, square-meter modules can also be locked to each other physically. Standard weight tolerance is 12.6 kg per cm2, used with integrated pad 22.68 kg per cm2.

ArmorDeck is specially designed to handle heavy loads while providing stability and maximum protection for artificial turf and natural grass surfaces.

Under normal conditions you can run most trucks and trailers, as well as use most lift systems on the market.

ArmorDeck3 with integrated pad protects your surface from more weight than is normally allowed on Norwegian roads!

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