Armordeck heavy-duty natural and synthetic turf protection flooring

ArmorDeck’s drainage and aeration holes provide air circulation and moisture to penetrate to the grass below Рkeeping your grass healthy and growing while covered.

ArmorDeck is Signature’s premium natural and synthetic stadium floor covering system. It is designed to handle heavy loads and to provide the ultimate in stability and ground protection. It is the most advanced engineered stadium flooring system on the market today and offers superior natural and synthetic grass protection for all types of grass surfaces and infill.

ArmorDeck is a large panel system, that features an integrated connection system, optional drainage and aeration holes, an optional underside layer (for synthetic turf and very heavy duty applications), an optional turf pad system, a durable aluminum cam lock system, and unsurpassed liquid spill protection. A translucent version of ArmorDeck is available for better natural grass protection. Each section has a useable surface area of 42″ x 42″ and is 2 inches thick, thus providing maximum rigidity and surface protection.

ArmorDeck is the last turf protection product you will ever need to buy.

No system has been as comprehensively engineered to handle the rigors of concert and stadium use and no system incorporates the functionality, features, and capabilities of the ArmorDeck.

Ask about translucent ArmorDeck panels for enhanced natural grass protection.

Armordeck is designed to handle heavy weights

ArmorDeck can even be used in ice arenas!

The ArmorDeck stadium flooring cover is designed to handle heavy weights from vehicles, forklifts, and other moving loads and is the ideal choice for both front of house and back stage areas. Combine ArmorDeck versions for the ultimate integrated stadium flooring system. For example, it is possible to combine the ArmorDeck with bottom protection layer with the standard aeration version to create a uniform, fully connected floor for all stadium areas.


ArmorDeck’s aluminum cam lock system is stronger than alternate cam lock systems and provides superior strength and long term durability. Its integrated hook and loop system provides additional torsional stability and strength and enables ArmorDeck to handle the heaviest of loads.

Easy connection system allows for rapid installation

Ramped edging provides a safe transition for visitors and vehicles.

Unlike other flooring systems, Signature’s ArmorDeck features an integrated connection system which is self-aligning and provides ease of installation and tremendous strength.

Sections are simply laid into place and self-align using Signature’s proprietary hook and loop fastening system, which actually guide panels into place. For added strength, sections may be locked together using Signature’s aluminum cam lock system, though in many applications the basic hook and loop system will suffice and the cam need not be engaged.

ArmorDeck’s self-aligning panels make perfect installs a snap!

Add optional edge peices for a smooth transition and finished look. Edging connects via the hook and loop connection system and contains cam locks for added security. These sloped ramps prevent tripping and allow easy access for carts, machinery, and wheelchairs. The ribbed surface prevents slipping.

Industry leading grass protection capabilities

Signature’s ArmorDeck features an expansive moisture canopy and bi-directional ribbing system, which distributes weight effectively and allows grass to grow and flourish even during installation.

ArmorDeck can even be used in ice arenas!

A translucent version of ArmorDeck is available for better natural grass protection. Sunlight penetrates the protective panels to allow photosynthesis to continue for the duration of the installation, enabling you to leave ArmorDeck on your natural grass longer.

Drainage and aeration holes provide circulation and help keep your natural turf healthy and safe, while small rims surrounding each drainage hole prevent unwanted liquids from penetrating the surface and reaching the ground.

ArmorDeck tiles overlap, providing the ultimate in surface protection and each overlap/underlay combination also incorporates a liquid capture channel which prevents unwanted liquids from flowing through the seam and onto the protected surface.

All underside ribbing features a radius edge that eliminates any sharp edges and provides additional peace of mind when traversing heavier payloads over the floor.

Easy to install!

Optional circular feet provide additional height and clearance while minimizing impact to the grass below. The smooth, rounded edges will not cut the turf, and grass can grow up through the holes.

Staging, speaker towers, and lighting trusses and ballast may be placed on ArmorDeck and the system will provide heavy duty protection.

When you remove your ArmorDeck floor, your grass may actually look better than it did before your installed the flooring. Simply brush your grass after floor removal and unlike other floors, it will be nearly impossible to see any distinguishable pattern resulting from the floor installation.

Armordeck is manufactured using the highest quality materials

ArmorDeck provides a smooth, comfortable surface for pedestrians, chairs, and vehicles

Each ArmorDeck panel is expertly manufactured using the finest High Density Plastic (HDPE) materials, which are reinforced with additives for added strength, flex modulus, and izod impact value. A 5-year UV package is incorporated into the material formulation to prevent degradation and brittleness as a result of prolonged sun exposure.

Our Cam locks are manufactured in Aluminum vs. plastic, thus providing considerable increased strength and eliminating the need to replace broken cams.

Armordeck has no channels or dirt catching surfaces

ArmorDeck offers the best turf protection for stadiums and arenas

ArmorDeck is designed to be easy to clean and to require minimal maintenance. Our system avoids surface channels, into which dirt, debris, cigarette butts, or other troublesome garbage can get stuck.

Each panel has an anti-slip sandblast finish that is easy to clean using standard cleaning materials, such as mops, brooms, and water. There are no unsightly patterns or ridges to catch dirt and is uniform and consistent.