General Use
Turf, Track, & Arena Protection

About EventDeck

EventDeck creates a smooth surface suitable for sporting or elegant events

EventDeck is a modular temporary flooring and pathway system that provides access, surface protection, and decorative enhancement for special events and other functions.

Whether you’re planning a concert for 60,000 or a wedding for 100 EventDeck is the perfect alternative to costly built up wooden floors, staging, and decking. You’ll experience immediate labor savings, improved speed of installation, and reduced long-term maintenance due to EventDeck’s unique design features.

EventDeck protects even the largest fields in a snap!

Whatever your portable flooring needs, EventDeck likely has a version to meet your specific requirements. From natural and synthetic turf stadiums, to ice & dirt arenas, and from large tent functions to portable dance floors, EventDeck will provide a firm, comfortable floor upon which all types of events and gatherings can be held.

Create paths and walkways in an instant!

The affordable ­alternative with all-around superior performance! Ideal for all kinds of event applications – from concerts to any large and small event.

EventDeck Installation Times

Area (sq/ft)      Time to Install

400            15 minutes – 1 person
2,400          1 hour – 2 people
10,000        3 hours – 4 people
60,000        8 hours – 14 people

The EventDeck Module

EventDeck modules connect using a simple hinged clip system.

EventDeck consists of a series of injection molded 4” x 12” modules that snap together on all sides using our uniquely engineered inter-module connection system. Each module is manufactured using a UV stabilized, hi-impact, polypropylene copolymer that is chemical resistant and features a UL 94HB flammability rating.

Once modules are connected, assembled sections roll up for easy installation, storage and transport, allowing for thousands of square feet of flooring to be installed quickly and easily with a minimum of labor. Colors can be alternated to provide dramatic effects and to match event themes and team colors.

Install and remove EventDeck easily without tools.

Sections are durable, weather resistant and capable of withstanding extraordinary loads and stresses, including the weight of cars, trucks, and forklifts (with pneumatic tires). Should a module be damaged it can be easily and inexpensively removed and replaced, even from the center of a large floor. Sections are easy to clean and maintain using standard cleaning fluids and a brush or pressure washer.

Each standard EventDeck module is ¾” tall and features a series of reinforcement ribs and supports which distribute weight and add strength. EventDeck’s robust height provides sufficient clearance for water flow and a protective canopy under which grass and synthetic turf remains safe from surface traffic.

Depending on the version you require, EventDeck modules are also available with surface drainage holes (for air, light, and water flow), a laminated decorative top surface, and an insulated bottom section (for ice applications).

Industry-Leading Expansion Joint

Industry-leading EventDeck Expansion Joint accommodates expansion due to thermal fluxuation.

All plastic flooring materials will expand and contract during fluctuating temperature conditions. In plastic modular floors, this “thermal expansion” phenomenon can result in floors warping, buckling, disconnecting or otherwise becoming uneven.

Only Signature Flooring’s EventDeck offers an engineered expansion joint module to accommodate the thermal expansion that can occur during varying temperature conditions. Like an expansion joint in a bridge, building, or highway, the EventDeck expansion module is designed to accommodate natural expansion.

No tools or skilled labor required – simply snap together pre-assembled sections.

Until the development of the EventDeck Expansion Module (ED-XJ), event managers, concert promoters, stadium managers, groundskeepers and others involved in the production of concerts or other on-field events simply had to accept the inconvenient condition of thermal expansion at outdoor events as unavoidable.

With ED-XJ organizers can feel comfortable knowing that the EventDeck system will be able to handle temperature fluctuation throughout the day and night, avoiding potential warping or buckling and giving you the peace of mind that an engineered solution is in place.

Safety Edging

For a finished look and added safety, ask about EventDeck Edging.

To enhance the look of your floor and for added safety, EventDeck edging is available in standard colors and in safety yellow. Simply snap edge pieces on to the end of any flooring section for a finished look, to provide a visible perimeter, and to allow for wheelchairs, rolling carts and equipment to be transported onto and off of the floor.

Stadiums and Arenas

Perfect for school sporting fields and professional stadiums alike!

Use EventDeck to turn your stadium & arena into a truly multi-use, multi-purpose facility for all types of special events. Imagine increasing revenue at your facility by hosting events and functions previously unimaginable, in areas previously inaccessible.

With EventDeck you can turn your stadium field, ice arena or dirt floor arena into a concert venue, trade show floor, or event area.

Event and Tent Rental Companies

Tent renters love EventDeck.

You can increase revenue by offering customers an inexpensive tent floor, deck or pathway between event sites. Damage to your customer’s grassy areas is minimized and they’re provided with a firm, dry floor for their event.

How about a last minute tent floor in the event of rain? What about an easy to install sub-floor for carpet or turf? With EventDeck all this is possible and you save on labor and initial product cost. There’s no more need to lay wooden floors or expensive decking.

Turn any space into a special event venue with EventDeck modular flooring.

Best of all EventDeck increases your ROI and can be paid for in about 4 rentals.

For All Facilities…

Pre-assembled sections stack neatly for transport and storage.

How about the ability to expand your facility by adding extra outdoor event space? Municipalities, schools, country clubs, museums, theme parks and all types of event venues can open up lawns and fields for tents, parties, and all types of traffic. There’s no need to worry about rain on event day because EventDeck is there to keep your visitors out of the mud and water and off of your grass, soil, carpet and other sensitive surfaces.

Shipping Information

EventDeck can handle up to 8,000lbs/ sq ft

EventDeck comes palletized and partially assembled in sheet form. Sections may then be assembled into large or small rolls, depending on the intended use.
Pallet Size: 40″x48″x75″ 1,000 sq ft/plt

Truck Quantities
40′ Truck 20 pallets 20,000 sq ft
48′ Truck 24 pallets 24,000 sq ft
53′ Truck 26 Pallets 26,000 sq ft

Installation and storage are made simpler with our ED Transport Cart.

Note: Although we recommend 1,000 sq ft/plt, pallets can be loaded to 1,369 sq ft if required. High cube ocean containers can be loaded with additional product.

Ocean Container Quantities
20′ FC Ocean Container 12,340 sq ft
40′ HC Ocean Container 27,380 sq ft

Note: All quantities are estimates.

Choose the Right EventDeck for Your Application:

For natural turf protection: EventDeck 1

For More Robust Applications, Consider These Options:

UltraDeck 1 medium-duty for natural turf protection
UltraDeck 2 medium-duty for synthetic turf protection
ArmorDeck heavy-duty for natural or synthetic turf protection