Natural Grass UltraDeck 1

Medium-Duty Portable Flooring System Turf Protection, Tent Flooring & General Use

Each UltraDeck 1 module is 24” x 12” x 1-1/8”

Ideal for large-scale tent, stadium and special event flooring.

UltraDeck 1 (EDU1) is a modular medium-duty natural turf protection system. It is designed to offer a greater level of protection, rigidity, and weight loading capability than Signature’s EventDeck 1 system. This product is ideal for applications where equipment, light vehicles, pneumatic tire forklifts and generally more traffic is expected.

UltraDeck 1 is the ideal floor for tent events, especially over natural grass.

UltraDeck can also be used for temporary accessways or pathways on rough and uneven terrain. EDU1 is rugged enough to stage trailers, equipment and utility vehicles. Ideal for military use, UltraDeck provides a firm, comfortable floor for operations, communication, personnel and hospital tents while providing protection for the natural turf underneath.

UltraDeck modules are significantly larger in size and thickness than our general purpose EventDeck and EDU1’s wall thickness, surface thickness and connector size have been increased substantially to make EDU1 more robust and heavier duty.

Each UltraDeck 1 module is 24” x 12” x 1-1/8” and ships in pre-assembled 3’ x 4’ sheets for quicker installs and dismantles.

UltraDeck1 offers superior natural turf protection

UltraDeck was specifically engineered to provide optimal natural grass protection during special events, such as tent events, concerts or festivals, and to minimize wear and tear.

UltraDeck1 Features:

  • Extra rugged bi-lateral ribbing for greater structural stability and effective weight distribution.
  • A unique rib pattern design that minimizes concentrated surface contact (which can cause turf burn and browning).
  • Cross module drainage channels to prevent water buildup (allows normal field water flow and drainage during rainy conditions).
  • No large circular support pads (avoids deep depressions and patterns in the field post removal).
  • Integrated drainage holes that also provide light, air, and ventilation (prevents mold or fungus and keeps grass looking healthy).
  • A moisture canopy that provides shade, retains some moisture and promotes growth (prevents burning of grass – grass often looks greener after an event using UltraDeck).

UltraDeck portable flooring is ideal for use over all types of natural turf, including cold weather grasses such as Kentucky Blue Grass and warmer weather varieties such as Bermuda Grass.

Perfect for tent events

We understand all types of natural turf “systems” and have designed our systems to minimize wear, surface abrasion, base compaction, and contamination of the turf as a result of attendee traffic. EDU’s underside channels are contoured to eliminate sharp edges and to prevent possible damage or cutting of sensitive grass. Most importantly, our systems prevent “cookie cutting” and focused point loading damage by distributing weight more effectively than other systems. There are no round pressure pads or other concentrated surfaces that can cause grass compaction.

UltraDeck 1 is ideal for events held on grass fields or in parks.

Each UltraDeck 1 module incorporates bi-lateral, heavy duty, cross ribbing for effective weight distribution. EDU1 has thicker ribs, distributed in an optimal pattern to provide additional stability and to prevent impressions in your turf under heavier weights.

EDU1 is quick and simple to install without tools or other equipment

Use UltraDeck to create attractive and protective paths and roadways.

Installation is quick and does not require trained personnel, special tools or an instruction manual. A full-size 80,000 sq/ft stadium can be installed in 4-6 hours using 20 workers.

Modules can be connected in both directions and at any module connection point, including at a 90 degree angle – allowing for maximum flexibility in floor design. The underside of the module features a specially designed multi-directional cable channel to neatly thread power and communication wiring and rope lighting.

Create a flat, lay down floor with UltraDeck 1

UltraDeck modules are simple to install and do not require tools or trained personnel.

The system is meant as a true substitute for lay down and built-up plywood floors. It provides a rigid and uniform feel underfoot that is suitable for upscale, high-end events.

Unlike other modular plastic floors, UltraDeck can be laid straight down on most ground surfaces, leveled with plywood stringers and shims, or raised on multiple layers of stringers as required.

By raising UltraDeck on 2″ x 6″ or 2″ x 8″ plywood boards (stringers), it is possible to create a perfectly level, raised floor. Use standard plywood stringers spaced one (1) foot on center. Additional layers of stringers may be used to raise UltraDeck even further off the ground. Shims may be used to level stringers and the floor.

Use plywood stringers under UltraDeck when a levelable floor is required.

UltraDeck is ideal for pole tents, frame tents, and clearspan structures. It provides an attractive and event-friendly look, which often doesn’t need to be covered with carpet.

When placed on level ground or on plywood stringers, UltraDeck can support the weight of scissor lifts, forklifts with pneumatic tires, and light trucks. This makes UltraDeck ideal for larger tents, where equipment is required for the hanging of lighting, placement of decorations, and transport of equipment.

UltraDeck is engineered to provide the ultimate protection for your turf during events.

With the ability to be raised off of the ground, UltraDeck is a true substitute to costly wood. Unlike wood, it will not warp, get waterlogged, or rot. Additionally, with UltraDeck there is no need to use dangerous screws or nails as modules self connect and do not need to be screwed down to the plywood stringers.

As with EventDeck, carpet and Astroturf may be stapled directly to UltraDeck for more upscale and formal events.

UltraDeck accommodates cables and wires.

UltraDeck is simple to clean and maintain. Damaged sections are easily removed and replaced.

This product’s superior engineering puts it at the forefront of quality, performance, ease of installation and affordability.

Industry-Leading Expansion Joint

For a more formal look, staple artificial turf or carpet directly to UltraDeck.

All plastic flooring materials will expand and contract during fluctuating temperature conditions. In plastic modular floors, this “thermal expansion” phenomenon can result in floors warping, buckling, disconnecting or otherwise becoming uneven.

Only Signature Flooring’s UltraDeck offers an engineered expansion joint module to accommodate the thermal expansion that can occur during varying temperature conditions. Like an expansion joint in a bridge, building, or highway, the UltraDeck expansion module is designed to accommodate natural expansion.

The UltaDeck Expansion Joint is designed to accommodate natural expansion caused by thermal fluxuation.

Until the development of the UltraDeck Expansion Module (EDU-XJ), event managers, concert promoters, stadium managers, groundskeepers and others involved in the production of concerts or other on-field events simply had to accept the inconvenient condition of thermal expansion at outdoor events as unavoidable.

With EDU-XJ organizers can feel comfortable knowing that the UltraDeck system will be able to handle temperature fluctuation throughout the day and night, avoiding potential warping or buckling and giving you the peace of mind that an engineered solution is in place.

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